From the E-Fest Archives: Being the face of E-Fest South America


My ASME E-Fest South America story is different. Here’s why.

I was invited to the E-Fest volunteer team as I was known at UFRJ (Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro) for YouTube videos on my channel (Karoli Diz). In a video I talked about my academic life. “We need somebody lively to be part of our team, just like that girl in the videos, the blogger of CT (Center of Technology)” someone said in one of the first E-Fest meetings.

Ácmon, my friend and E-Fest volunteer, also brought me the idea of E-Fest. I accepted, and saw E-Fest as a chance to do something I liked.

I was a member of the marketing team but helped in other areas. I had the idea of producing a festival promotion video, which was two minutes long. UFRJ’s mechanical engineering department loved it, even though it was not professional. I may say, modestly, the video was really good. We received department support and hired professionals to improve the quality of videos.

Since then, I became known as the face of the first ASME E-Fest South America.

Videos, interviews, and recordings happened non-stop, capturing the speaking, living, feeling and breathing E-Fest. I was also the social-media coordinator and responsible for email, Facebook and Instagram pages during the three months of organizing the festival. I didn’t realize it was such a hard and time-consuming job.

Seeing my commitment and passion, my leader Fernando said "I need to talk with you." I thought, "oh my God, what I did this time” and he said "you did nothing wrong, on the contrary, you’re doing way too much and that's why you're going to take up the position of general director of marketing". That responsibility came at the most critical moment of the pre-event, at a time when marketing couldn’t fail, when thousands of things needed to be solved.

I accepted the position. I knew that it wouldn’t be easy to coordinate an entire team and still deal with the part I assumed before. I breathed and lived E-Fest. There were many sleepless hours and problems to solve, but knew it would be worthwhile and incredible.

At the closing ceremony I cried like a baby. I was very proud. When registration opened, my responsibility was to bring 500 people, but there were more than 650. Smiles spread throughout the event made my effort and dedication worth every second.

It is no exaggeration to say that E-Fest has changed the way I see and act on many things. I have grown as a professional and a person.

I was grateful, I am grateful and I will always be grateful...
For all the opportunities, friends and stories that I’ve experienced thanks to E-Fest.

For being part of a major South American engineering revolution.
For the challenges of bringing an engineering festival to Brazil.
For each personal learning that I will carry with me forever.
For having known and lived inside the UFRJ, the university that I love so much, one of the best moments of my life.
For all the doors that were opened to me.
For every sincere smile that I received from each congressman, speaker, organizer, guest and etc.
For the recognition not only of my effort, but of my passion for E-Fest.